Batteries for conventional, hybrid and Start/Stop system vehicles


The nanotechnological process involves an almost 100% content of tetrabasic lead sulfate (4BS). Nanotechnology helped create a unified 4BS crystal structure that is very small in size (less than 10 microns). The special size facilitates the circulation of the acid and brings a considerable improvement of the cold starting current and of the nominal CO2 discharge capacity, thus providing extended service life.

  • A self-discharge time that is three times longer than conventional technologies
  • A starting current that is 20% higher than standard batteries
  • Fast recharging capacity, even in advanced discharge state
  • Increased resistance to urban traffic: short distances, multiple start-stops
  • Created to meet first fit standards, in collaboration with OEM partners


The Calcium (Ca) alloy used for the manufacturing of grids by using the expanded metal technology ensures a lower self-discharge and a longer service life. All MACHT car batteries are built using this technology.

The Calcium-Calcium technology ensures a self-discharge period of about 18 months, 3 times longer than conventional technologies.

  • 100% maintenance free.
  • Double cap with “labyrinth” system, which prevents electrolyte leakage and ensures the return of acid vapors to the cells.
  • Polyethylene separators that prevent short circuiting.
  • Optimal starting current, extended service life.

AGM technology

MACHT batteries with the AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology are designed for the Start/Stop function – automatic engine shutdown. This technology serves vehicles that are overexploited due to high energy consumption or long-term use.

  • Increased number of charging/discharging cycles.
  • Extended service life.
  • Does not require maintenance for the entire life of the battery.
  • Reduces fuel consumption by up to 10%.
  • Reduces CO2 emissions: specially designed to meet the requirements of state-of-the-art vehicles and vehicles with special traffic requirements: taxi, police, ambulance, etc.

Hybrid technology

MACHT HEAVY DUTY batteries built using the Hybrid technology, confirm the “Robot Power” concept.

All MACHT batteries:

  • 100% maintenance free, no electrolyte leakage.
  • Low self-discharge, allowing storage without recharging for 12 months.
  • Up to 30% higher starting current.
  • Resistance to vibration
  • Recommended for all commercial vehicles, buses and trucks, especially for difficult working conditions: extreme temperatures and rough terrain.