Macht JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) batteries are specially designed for cars of Asian origin, mainly Japanese and Korean. The construction of these batteries is based on Punched Grid Technology which leads to improved performance. The grids manufactured using this technology have a good grain structure due to the use of laminated sheets, have a higher mechanical durability and a higher surface corrosion. The increase in the surface corrosion is necessary in order to increase electrical conductivity. Macht JIS batteries are highly reliable, even when used under extreme temperatures.

  • Calcium-Calcium expanded metal technology.
  • 100% maintenance free, no electrolyte leakage.
  • Double cap with “labyrinth” system, which prevents electrolyte leakage and ensures the return of acid vapors to the cells.
  • Polyethylene separators that prevent short circuiting
  • Status indicator (magic eye).

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