Generally, semi-traction batteries operate in very harsh environments. They must withstand wide temperature ranges (-30°C to +65°C) as well as shocks and vibrations. They differ from stationary and starter batteries (car batteries) in that they are designed to provide power for long periods of time. Although they are part of the liquid electrolyte series of batteries, the performance of these batteries easily exceeds that of the so-called gel batteries. While AGM or VRLA batteries have 350-500 cycles at full capacity, this battery model provides twice the number of cycles with a standard discharge.

  • Designed to be able to store energy on the entire depth of the plates and to release it for long periods of time. The high density active mass contributes substantially to the increase of the service life.
  • Resistance to difficult working conditions (heat, vibration)
  • Increased reliability
  • Use: solar and wind applications, lifters, industrial vacuum cleaners, industrial floor washing machines, bicycles and light electric vehicles, motorhomes, etc.

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